Thursday, July 16, 2009

Imperial Guard Armor?!?!

Yeah so I've been bitten by the Imperial Guard bug... *sigh*

Nobody else in my gaming group fields guard. Kris has an un-primed army that he has fielded ONCE since we've been playing and I'm sure he probably will never put it on the table again at the rate things are going.

My first Leman-Russ battle tank. I looked at all the options and was pleasantly surprised to find that the box wasn't going to let me make any actual decisions so I just assembled what it came with. I'm going with an urban color scheme to match my city board. Not bad for a night of building/painting I'd say...

"Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!!!!"
My Basilisk is looking pretty boss. These kits are A LOT harder to assemble than all the Eldar stuff I'm sued to using. Painting exposed faces and hands? I need a bit more practice I fear!

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